Having gone through a traumatic divorce, where my husband left me for a 20+ year old colleague and hired hackers to break my smartlock and entered my home several times to intimidate me into giving him a divorce, I am left to process the resulting emotions.

My once loving, sweet and accommodative husband had transformed into stranger and monster, who would resort to any method to get me to give him a divorce, while presenting a picture of an innocent victim to the church leaders.

The post-processing of emotions when your spouse of 7 years manipulates and bends truth into lies and lies to truth while justifying his actions to the community we were part of, was confusing, painful and left me in shock.

Its been 3 years, when I have taken 1 year to come out of shock, another year to accept that this happened to me, and now I have started to recover my identity in Christ and finding my feet to the road of healing, I have found Lamentations an apt book for me to process those residual feelings of shock, grief and pain in the journey of healing.

Below is an overview of Lamentations, and I will post my study notes for each chapter per week, to share with you and for your input and feedback as well as we learn together in this journey where great catastrophe has befallen our lives, and the only hope we have is in the justice and restoration of our Lord.